Friday, November 6, 2009

B is for Bacon Caramels

Today I finally made it to The Swinery, where I got enough bacon based products to easily carry me through the rest of B "Week". I also, unexpectedly, encountered Bacon Caramels:

Me: "Wow. And I'm gonna have to add on two of the caramels, there, on principle alone."
The Clerk: "Oh yeah. We were giving them out free on Hallowe'en and so many people asked if we sold them that we decided we should."

At 50 cents a pop they are perhaps a tad pricey (though not skimpy by any means, size-wise), but totally worth it. The caramel is rich and buttery, the bacon is smokey and flavorful and the two blend together like Torvill and Dean.

They are so good, I have no pictures of them. Go get your own. :-p


  1. I have a single pound of Swinery bacon left from last year when they were unloading 1000lbs right before Christmas - I've cherished every last bite of it. So glad to hear about the caramels - I'll have to swing over there and try them!

  2. I think my friends were talking about The Great Bacon Unloading just th'other night. Unlike you they waited too long and missed out.

    But yes, the caramel is well worth a field trip. I have my fingers crossed for gift packs of it around the hols; it would take care of so many people on my list.